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PRODUCTS: Hair System Adhesive

Item# 14
Adhesive Release - 8 oz. Bottle
Adhesive Release from Joseph Paris Naturally deactivates adhesive for easy removal of wigs and hairpieces. Recomended for use with all lace front hair systems. Also use Adhesive Release to clean lace hair systems by soaking the foundation in ...
Price: $12.00

Item# 15
Lace Lock - Dab On Bottle
This is a new lace-front adhesive which comes in a dab-on bottle that is very thin and easy to maintain. Holds down lace fronts for up to 3 days at a time....
Price: $15.00

Item# 16
Tape Reactivator - Dab On Bottle
Dab onto your existing tape to extend its life for up to a week! Also works great alone! Tape Reactivator is an ultra-thin adhesive that also works well on lace fronts....
Price: $15.00

Item# 18
Super Stick
Waterproof adhesive for use while swimming or participating in active sports. (To remove, use Adhesive Release. Use sparingly)....
Price: $8.00

Item# 44
No-Tape Bonding Glue
Silicone Bonding Adhesive. Comes in a 1oz. tube for a single bonding application. Use in conjunction with Red Liner Tape for the best results....
Price: $19.95

Item# 45
Spirit Gum
Originally used for lace front hair systems; many clients use to reactivate the tape pad areas when the tape loses its adherence....
Price: $6.00

Item# 50
Ultimate Tape Remover
Releases the tape so it will not leave any residue trapped in the lace when changing or cleaning the system....
Price: $5.00

Item# 51
Scalp Guard
Provides added protection against skin irritation from adhesive use. It also absorbs pull stress and increases the holding power of your adhesive....
Price: $10.99

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