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Item# 20
Brilliante - Shampoo For Gray, White, and Light Blond Hair
Brilliante, by Naturally, is the ultimate in conditioning shampoos for people with white or light blonde hair. The lighter your hair color, the more susceptible your hair is to being discolored by the elements in the atmosphere. For people with white...
Price: $15.95

Item# 21
Conditioning Mist - Wave And Volumizer
Naturally's exclusively formulated Conditioning Mist allows for total life and body for even the most limp, straight, and fine hair. Finally, a product that truly retains the natural wave and curl patterns your hair was meant to have. In addition, Co...
Price: $15.95

Item# 22
Hair Control Mist - Styling Spray
Naturally Hair Control Mist is an exclusive formulation that brings a new sense of power and performance to hair styling. This all-new, non-flammable formula incorporates industry-leading ingredients into a styling spray that is multi-functional. Unl...
Price: $15.95

Item# 23
Hair Fixative Gel
Unlike the average "styling gel", Naturally's Hair Fixative is crystal clear and pours like water. This styling aid has been specially formulated to allow for sleek sculpted wet looks, as well as dry flexible styles. Whether you simply need the satis...
Price: $15.95

Item# 24
Red Knockout Hairpiece Color Spray
Quick & easy way to restore color to aging, oxidized or faded hairpiece....
Price: $12.00

Item# 25
Naturally Shampoo is an exclusive formulation that cleans thoroughly while retaining natural luster and sheen for the perfect balance of function and fashion. For a style that's all your own, Naturally's Shampoo strengthens while conditioning to prom...
Price: $15.95

Item# 26
Spray Conditioner
Joseph Paris Spray Conditioner: Conditions dry, dull hair Retards color oxidation Prevents dry, brittle hair...
Price: $11.00

Item# 53
Handheld Steamer
Compact and ideal for travel, this steamer steams away frizz and tangles from synthetic fibers. Its 7-oz. water capacity produces lots of steam and offers 12 min. or more of continuous steaming time...
Price: $37.00

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